Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No pants.

Sandals: Wal-mart $5...Sunglasses: Wal-mart $5...Belt: $1...Shirt: Value Village

For the longest time, I had nothing good to say about girls wearing leggings. My only remark centered on the phrase "You're not wearing pants." I have since changed my tune. I quite enjoy not wearing pants.

And even though it was sunny earlier this morning, there was no reason for me to be wearing these sunglasses in these pictures. I just like them.
My family has the messiest attic you have ever seen. We just started cleaning it out, and going through years of family history. My grandma was telling us stories about a pair of old socks that came with her great grandfather over from Bavaria. The man was stylin', let me tell you.


  1. you look adorable in this! love the little sandals with it too. and the stripes!!

  2. adorable and simple. Love!

  3. haha, i had hesitations with wearing leggings too..but it's really an outfit saver when i want to wear dresses but don't want to show my legs...or oversized tops where i feel jeans would be too much.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. Hey Hannah! thanks for the comment on my blog--I've had my etsy shop for a few months now, so it definitely takes awhile to get going! One thing I'm trying to improve on, that I've heard helps sales, is updating regularly. I say, go for it! It's fun to shop for stuff and take pictures, and who knows, it might take off into something fruitful. I personally have a lot of fun with the descriptions :) Feel free to email (address on my profile) me if you have more thoughts or questions!


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