Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Belgian Beauty.

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and all other readers of this blog.

Nice to meet you. I’m Mikayla, a very dear friend of Hannah’s. I begged her pretty please to let me hijack her blog for a day (or a post, if you wish) so I can ask some fashion advice.

Here’s the story:
I’m currently living in Belgium as an exchange student. On October 9th, my host brother, Arnaud, and I are going to a soirée (fancy dinner party) in Brussels. I have to get all dressed up and formal for it (think prom, pretty much…), and I need advice on what to wear. By the way, the theme is “Pop Art” à la Andy Warhol.

I already have a dress, pictured below. It’s navy blue and halter, as you can see, and it comes down to just past my knees. I love the skirt because it’s flowy and spinny and I just love love love skirts like that. I get it from my mother. Anyway, I think it’s a very pretty dress, but I do have a few concerns about it…


1) It comes down past my knees. I find this to be a difficult length to wear. I like that it’s not too short, but not overly long, however my problem is that I think it makes my legs look stumpy. Do you agree? Do you have any suggestions on ways to avoid that effect? What do you do when you wear skirts this length?


2) It’s navy blue. Don’t get me wrong, navy blue is one of my favorite colors, and I would have no problem with it if I could wear just the dress. However, I have to wear shoes (obviously) and a shrug to cover up my tattoo (you can see it in the pictures; I don’t have the shrug yet). My host mom bought me black shoes and is loaning me the black shrug. I’ve always kind of thought that black and navy are a big no-no. Is that the case? Should I worry about it, or should I just live with it? It’s only one night, after all.
3) Jewelry. Since the dress has rhinestones on the front, I was going to stick with silver jewelry. I’m thinking a silver braided bracelet that my grandmother gave me and silver earrings. I was going to stay away from a necklace because I think it’ll be too much with the halter and whatnot. But do you think I should wear one? Why or why not? Here’s pictures of the jewelry, including a necklace option:

Any other ideas, suggestions, advice or encouragement would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  1. You should get some sheer black tights and VERY high heels. skirts a little longer like this are very stylish right now (see the sartorialist). Black and blue is one of my favorite combos too, just make sure the tights are sheer because they are a little sexier than opaque tights. I would also skip the jewelry. Do your hair really nicely and throw on some liquid eyeliner. Less can be more sometimes, and very sophisticated. Hope that helped, and have fun at the party!!!

  2. Hey girl!! LOVE the dress! So pretty and elegant. And I agree with Kallie, navy and black is nothing to be afraid of. To help with the short leg look, yes, get HIGH heels! This will elongate your calves. Go minimal on the jewelry, maybe just a bracelet and stud earrings, but no necklace. You will rock this look! Have fun!!!
    Sophia Caris

  3. Thank you so much, I love that necklace at the last picture it's very nice!=)


  4. I'm just going to comment and say that I agree completely with the advice you've gotten so far, Mikayla. But I'd like to add that if the idea of high heel is scary, getting ones with a strap will make them more comfortable and easier to walk in.
    Also, I need to say that I love that first picture. That's why I put it first. :)

  5. I enjoy that first photo as well. And I already have the heels, so I can't really go back on them now. I wore them at school and managed to keep my footing except for a little incident on the stairs, so I think I'll survive, as long as Arnaud doesn't get any ridiculous ideas about dancing again. :)

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