Saturday, September 11, 2010



So last time I mentioned my feeling of "go school!" and I'd just like to say that is completely gone now. I'm done. It's mainly for this reason that I haven't been commenting back to all of your nice remarks. I think that's going to be my focus for the weekends from now on.

But on a happier, yet still school-related note, I just got what I think is the female lead in the play. The show we're doing is called Nevermore! Edgar Allan Poe, The Final Mystery, and I admit I don't know much about it. My character is a mystery to me, but I know I've got the first line, so there's that. I'm rather excited.

I do this thing where I find a new song that I really like, then I listen to it on repeat until I kill it. My two songs of the moment are as follows:


  1. Good job on the play-- the crazy rehearsals end up being a lot of fun! :)

    You look absolutely darling in these photos, and I love that first song.

  2. I absolutely love the way you're mixing different tones of the primary colours in this outfit. And that skirt is to die for cute!!!

    P.s. Awesome blossom on the lead role...I'm also into theatre and the process of developing a good character like that is INCREDIBLE! Have a super fun time!

  3. hello thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. You look amazing in all your pictures. About the pictures you've asked about, well the bottom series are actually different images. I just put them all together in a sort of collage way for post design.

  4. this outfit is sooo cute! I love-love your blue belt! :)


  5. great outfit and the pictures are great too! congrats on getting the lead in the play, how very exciting!


  6. Great post! Nice job.

  7. Congrats on the lead role! All I ever got to be was a dancer in the background of most of my high school shows :P

  8. love this outfit <3

    thank you for your comment. i really recommend Sigma, you should check out their website :)

    xoxo Christine

  9. I love the red n yellow combo!
    Beautiful pictures, dear ;)

    and congratz about the role on your play!
    Hope you hv fun there!

  10. Hey cousin, congrats on the lead! That is fantastico. Wish I could come and see. I'm loving lurking on your blog, and will comment more when I find the time (in short supply these days). I had to comment on this one, b/c I posted an old vid of Joni performing California as my "I'm glad to be home" Facebook post when I got back here after my trip to Wisco. Great Mueller minds think alike. Had a great vacation, but here I happily am now.

  11. Love how you match the best and shoes!

  12. U are so pretty! I follow your blog now! <3 Loooove it! :)

  13. you look awesome...

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  14. That's a sweet outfit! I'm a fan of your yellow skirt.
    Congratulations on getting the lead in your play. That's a bit of a big deal!


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