Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real talk.

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My friend Kaitlyn took these pictures. I have a couple sets of photos of her that will be popping up shortly, and while we were taking them, we both kept mentioning how we weren't really sure what to do. How to pose. What exactly is my good side?
We both felt kind of silly, so that's how we acted, and I really like these because of that. We are silly in real life. Although I've certainly done it plenty of times for this blog, I don't generally brood around attempting to take sultry pictures of myself. I'm not going to stop, because I want a sultry picture now and again, but these are pretty good representations of what I actually look like. I'm a doof, and it was really humid, and my hair is always in my mouth, and I don't like wearing shoes in summer. So in addition to being real pretty, these pictures are pretty darn real.

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  1. Im the same way! Im a no shoes kinda girl in the summertime. And both these pictures and your dress are adorable!


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