Monday, February 2, 2015

Thanks, Linus.

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Winter storm Linus hit us over the weekend, which for me meant that yesterday was spent under blankets with Oliver Twist in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. And my cancelled rehearsal meant that I got more homework done than I was expecting. Score. Little victories, guys.
This morning my buddy Kaitlyn and I ventured out to play in the mess. We could have used some snowshoes but the sun was on our side and everything was sparkling.

This semester I'm an intern at a local paper, and one of my assignments is to find 'hidden treasures'  around Milwaukee. The whole project has got me thinking about an idea I'm mentally referring to as Home Trips. Just little excursions to a place I've never been to--restaurants, parks, bowling alleys, neighborhoods, bookstores. My goal is to find a new place every two weeks, and by the end of the year I'll have a whole new set of favorite spots. We were only out for about an hour today and my brain felt totally refreshed. I figure there's less of a chance I'll feel my routine going stale if I pepper it with small adventures.

What new places have you found to spice up your stomping grounds?


  1. You guys are in Wisconsin? Rad! :D Lookin' good! Way to conquer Winter. ^_^ Thank you ever so much for stopping by and leaving such an amazing comment for me on my blog. I really appreciated it! Don't be a stranger! <3

    - Anna

  2. Yesss, me and my best friend have been doing this, too! I live in Chicago and yet I go to the same restaurants and coffee shops over and over and over. It's ridiculous. So we made it a point to go somewhere new every weekend- it's made it so much more fun! I can't tell you how many cool new spots i've found- like speakeasies and donut waffle hybrid bakery stores. Have you ever used the site Sosh? It shares a ton of restaurants and events happening in your area, but in a really user friendly (read: pretty) way. It's been my life savor, because I'm super lazy to hunt up these places on my own, haha.

    Also, love that picture of you in the hood. ya cutie you :)

    xo marlen
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