Sunday, March 22, 2015

2 Nights in London.

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After two weeks tramping through Eastern Europe, it was incredible to be back in a place where we could read the street signs. And when we got off our bus at Victoria Coach Station, I didn't need a map. I just knew where we were, thanks to my time studying abroad. It was one of the best and most surreal feelings of my life.

London was the next place in our travels that we were able to stay in the homes of friends, and I was also really grateful to have time to meet up with some others. These days were a little less about sightseeing and more about catching up with my loved ones. But we did make a stop for breakfast and dead poets at Westminster Abbey. I made Kaitlyn try a full English breakfast. We actually ate the black pudding. Still not my favorite.

We saw Shakespeare in Love on the West End, and were blown away by the clever staging and the great songs. Not a musical, but better.  We spent a day browsing through museums and museum shops. I rekindled my love affair with the tube. We spent New Years Eve watching Lord of the Rings and eating Jelly Babies in a friends' flat. It was brief and wonderful.



  1. that breakfast... YUM!!! :) I miss London so much!

  2. Hi Hannah!! I hope London is as magical for you as it was for me! I think the most magical part of London was the London Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. It's so crazy to see things with the age that they were!

    Also, Lord of the Rings...(insert thumbs up)!

  3. Mmm those eggs look good. Wish I could've explored London a little bit more when I was there.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  4. oh how was London?!?! I am pondering if that should be my next trip. great photos! :)



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