Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Prime time.


 Every year the theatre department has a big party to celebrate the season and the closing of a good year. The students and the faculty come together to eat dinner, watch some skits, and share in circle time. The circle is essentially a big puddle of tears as the underclassmen say goodbye to the seniors and the faculty offer some memories and bits of advice. I've cried all four years, which is really a testament to how special this place and its people really are. But this year, oh this year, I was a genuine mess. My heart overflowed and it came out my eyes.

I could not be more grateful to have spent my time in college with the professors, friends, and mentors that I have. And these ladies standing next to me have been with me from the start. We talk about this a lot, but I distinctly remember my freshman year when I was surveying my classmates, focused on being thoroughly intimidated by them, that these girls were the coolest. I wanted so badly to be friends with them. And guess what. My wish came true! I must say, I have great taste. Look at these stylish, kind, generous, intelligent babes. They're the whole package.

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