Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cloudy days.

Tank: Kohl's...Skirt: Value Village...Shoes: Keds

Unfortunately, the sun really washed out my shirt in these pictures. You can't see the little ruffle along the neckline. And that's probably my favorite part.
No, I lie. My favorite part is the cloud print on my skirt. It's so playful and fun. That's another reason I like wearing sneakers with skirts. I think it tones down the girliness a bit.
This skirt is also a perfect example of my favorite way to spend my time. Thrift a frumpy old skirt that reaches the ground, chop it, hem it, and voila! It's new and fun. Seriously, I love sifting through racks at Value Village and coming up with stuff like this.


  1. That skirt is gorgeous, and I love the way your sneakers make it so much for casual, I'm not really into the whole short-skirts-and-heels but ballet flats can look cute too! I just want to say you're super pretty too x

  2. you got that skirt at the thrift store! super cute! don't you just love finding gems at the thrift store! my favorite place by our house is called thrift go to place <3


  3. Wow I love it!
    The clouds espesh (:
    And girl you are stunning!
    Thanks for the sweet comment, am now following!

  4. that may be the cutest skirt ever! love the clouds. oh, and since you asked on my blog...the play i'm doing is "our town", one of my favorites :)

  5. that skirt is a double helping of cute!

    I see we have similarly good tastes in blogs, my faves are Another Day (<3) Clothes, Camera & Coffee and Pandora. Another fave is My Floor is Red. An Italian/Swedish girl who can rock short skirts and high heels.
    I'm an ardent follower of you now. Looking forward to your future posts!
    xo. -Bella Q

  6. i love that skirt, this is a classically adorable look!

  7. love that polkadot skirt! I love this cute outfit.

  8. amazing skirtttt! <3333 it very much
    you have an amazing blog!

    .a little princess.

  9. You're amazing. I love your Outfits and you look very pretty. Love your Blog. I follow you sweety :)

  10. That skirt/outfit is amazingly cute! :)

  11. I love your blog!!!! Thank you so much for the super sweet comment on my blog.=) I really enjoyed looking at your archives,the camping posts were fantastic =) and I love the way you wear skirts and dresses with keds and converses you pull it off so well =) Hoping your having a wonderful day!!!


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