Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plaid in the evening.

Shirt: Wal-mart...Skirt: USA Family Thrift...Boots: Target...Belt: Value Village

The whole time we were taking these pictures my mom was telling me that it was getting too dark out, and we were trying to dodge each other's shadows. But overall I think they turned out pretty well.
I've been in kind of a musical funk lately, so I've been trying to get back into my love of British boy bands from the 60s. And although I'm not a huge Kinks fan, I think this is the best version there is of this song. It's rockin'.


  1. Hi! Super cute outfit here! I love the classic school girl vibe! and that shadow pic looks really fun! Like you are dancing! Thanks for your comment, and no, I actually didn't alter the romper at all!

  2. love the Kinks and your booties!

  3. the kinks rule! you look so very all-american and fresh in this outfit.
    the plot of kafka on the shore is a bit complex. there is a lot to it. its about a boy who is running from a prophecy and the people who are pulled into this web around a sort of mystical otherworld. Its beautifully written, murakami is fantastic. a lighter, shorter work of his which I recommend starting with is called sputnik sweetheart. if you click my books link there is a little review of it.

  4. Ahh, these photos are so cute!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Following you on Bloglovin' now :)

  5. hi Hannah, thanks for visiting my blog. :) i'm not able to see your vid for some reason. :O(

  6. Hi:D thanks for the comment! If you like what you see please follow:)
    I love the kinks too!! No one makes music like they did back then...
    Nice blog;)

  7. they turned great dear!
    lovely outfit!

  8. I love the kinks! :) Great look, I am obsessed with plaid :)

  9. ah, summer plaid. i'm getting ready to do a post on that. you wear it so well!

  10. u look so cute. like a school girl. love the little tartan skirt.


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