Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spring rolls.

The first of these new things, and of my goals for the summer being "cook for myself." Considering that I live with my parents, "myself" naturally includes two more adults, so all of my exploratory meals have been of significant size, and some of them have resulted in rather self-congratulatory, instagram-esque pictures of food. I haven't yet gone so far as to put sepia filters on my pictures, but I make no promises for the future.

Inspired by some pinterest finds and a dear friend of mine, I made these Vietnamese spring rolls, based on this recipe, with a few edits. I didn't have a cucumber to hand, and I added some baby shrimp. I also added some red pepper, simply because I thought the recipe called for it, which turned out to be a mental addition of my own invention. But it was a pleasant, if not traditional, flavor as a part of the mix. I wish I had included more shrimp, and the peanut sauce I bought was too spicy for my wussy mouth, but other than that, they were a hit with the fam. 

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