Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jailbirds and dinosaurs.

P9012087 Speaking of abandoned places, I entered another realm of coolness last weekend. I was visiting my dearest friend, Mikayla, who was home for the weekend for a family wedding, and she'd requested that we do a photo shoot. (She's actually appeared on the blog before as well, years ago when she was studying in Belgium as an exchange student). She's lived in Colorado since 8th grade, so we don't get to see each other very frequently and consequently we don't have very many pictures of us together. Lo and behold, we're driving down the road and we pass what initially looks like a garden of dinosaurs. I ask Mikayla's mother what this mystical place is, and she informs me it's an old mini golf park. Excuse me? An abandoned mini golf course overrun with decrepit dinosaurs? This is the stuff of dreams!
P9011965 P9011966 P9011969 P9011971 P9011977 P9012070 P9012064 P9012043 P9012094
Mikayla's mother duly warned us that if we did decide to go take pictures there and we got arrested, she wouldn't be able to bail us out of jail because we would have the car. Obviously, we went anyway. Obviously, after a successful hour of exploration, the county sheriff pulled into the parking lot and was not pleased to see us. We really did come very close to getting into a lot of trouble, so I probably can't recommend that anyone should follow our example (in fact, I really don't recommend it. The two of us were pretty rattled and felt really bad for our lawbreaking.) but it was still one of the coolest places I've ever seen.

Mikayla and I swapped on and off with the camera and had a jolly old time. With her new haircut, and our tramping around in derelict  she's reminding me a lot of Rebecca of A Clothes Horse. I love having such beautiful friends willing to let me practice taking pictures of them.

P9012005 P9012032 P9012058


  1. These pictures are fantastic! I'm glad you didn't get into too much trouble in the end.

  2. These pictures turned out great, and it was definitely worth going to explore it! I'm glad you didn't get too wrong, consequences are never fun hah! x

  3. An abandoned golf course filled with concrete dinosaurs?? I would certainly not have been able to resist a little sneaking around either. It looks so wonderfully surreal, a great location for you two lovelies.

  4. Such beautiful photos and amazing stand out outfits.


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