Friday, October 25, 2013

Bits and pieces.

PA162748 PA162687 PA122587 PA112468 PA162655 PA162627 P1012943 P1012862 P1012913 P1013078 P1013088 P1013032 P1013067

Lots of little, beautiful things. I'm finding that being a traveler goes hand in hand with being more observant, since that's why I'm here, to see things. And sometimes it's the small things that are the sweetest.


  1. these are the most beautiful things. i'm overwhelmed by how wonderful they are.

  2. Many of your photos are very Victorian Romantic!!!!!

  3. Oh, forgot to ask: were you able to decipher the script on the grave stone pictured in this series?
    Remember who first taught you "RIP"!

  4. Love the bits and pieces. Makes me want to get out my camera again.

  5. i definitely found that i noticed the little details more when i was travelling alone in spain. this is a lovely, inspiring post.


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