Monday, October 28, 2013

Ben Wilson: The Chewing Gum Guy.

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Back to the work of catching up on my brief time in London which sparked so many adventures and accompanying pictures, I have to mention my fleeting encounter with Ben Wilson, the most fascinating street artist I've ever had the pleasure to encounter in real life.
He's known as the Chewing Gum Guy because, you guessed it, he paints chewing gum. My first glimpse of him was on my trek to the Globe, as I walked over Millennium Bridge. There was a group of people standing around and watching a man who was lying on the bridge. Nothing looked particularly out of the ordinary, and I didn't even really give him a second glance. But when I had gotten a few steps beyond him, I saw several more people looking down at what seemed like nothing, but when I slowed down, I saw these little masterpieces and I put it together. I may have squealed, I think these are so cool. After the performance, when Christine and I were walking back, he was still there, and we stopped to watch him work for a few minutes. I didn't get up the nerve to actually speak to him, but I was suffering from recent fan syndrome.
If you have access to speakers/headphones, please try to watch this clip from the BBC, because I wanted to know everything about him, and I think you should too!
He does such wonderful, innovative work, in making the ugly/unnoticed parts of a city beautiful, and he should be commended.


  1. This is such a new concept [maybe not?] of making the ugly beautiful. Great idea!

  2. I should have thought of this with the art budget I had!!!!!!


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