Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Museum of London.

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I'm going to London again tomorrow for a day of perusing, so here's another London post from forever ago.
I didn't really know much about the Museum of London before I went there, but I was thrilled with what I found. It traced the history of London in chronological order from the time of the Romans to the present, and had a million and a half interesting quirks and corners to capture your eye and interest. My favorite part was actually the way they had the exhibits set up to engage kids and teenagers- there were features throughout the museum that compared the historical bits to modern life, like a microwave in the Roman kitchen, and headphones to listen to King James I's playlist. The little cartoon above also popped up frequently to provide fun facts about the items in the display cases.
After an enjoyable several hours, I was about to make my way up, when the sucker in the last picture emerged from behind a corner. I mean, I'm so happy to finally be in the country where these are standard fare of the television culture, but let's be realistic: it's far too dangerous to just keep them lurking about in museums. Come on, London. Safety first.

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  1. Keep it coming.......want to see these sites I may never see........... in this life time.


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