Thursday, November 28, 2013

Built to last.

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Welcome to some Roman stomping grounds! Prior to arriving on English soil, I frequently forgot how important the Romans are to British history. They've left their mark all over this island. This particular set of stones is located about a mile outside Sandwich, and as Christine and I made the trek there, I tried to soak in the beautiful countryside we were walking through. I love the cities I've experienced here with all of my being, but I never feel quite as though I'm getting enough of the rural bits. I travel through them in trains and coaches, but I'm inordinately thrilled whenever I get to step outside and explore the green stuff. Those are the places where I feel really at home, oddly enough. Nature looks different in different parts of the world, but it feels the same.
Come on though, take a look at that third picture. Do I not look like I should be in an issue of Horse and Hound or something? I was straddling a cow pie as it was taken. The other lovely tidbits of our walk were the wild blackberries and what looked like blueberries flourishing in the hedgerows.
When we actually got to the fort, we had a good time exploring and being buffeted about by the wind as we listened to our audio guides. I'd say that the audio guide at this site was probably the best of any English Heritage sites I've visited before or since. It really made me feel like I got the full story and the maximum value for my money.
I also took home a souvenir of some hearty English mud, as immediately after the second picture of me was taken, I wiped out and found myself face down with a kneeful of dirt. So much for the cockiness of "I can climb this tiny but steep hill!" It sure showed me.
Overall, it was yet another day of marveling at the remnants of life from thousands of years ago that continues to make itself known as a part of the English countryside. You can't avoid history here even if you want to.

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