Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Feeling hungry?

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Let me introduce you to the cutest town in the entire world: Sandwich, England. I'll admit, I only wanted to go there because of the name, and because Christine didn't want to go there and I wanted to be difficult. But it quickly turned into one of the best and sweetest places we've visited in our day trips. Full of brick houses, and great street names, and colorful doors and door knockers, and little canals between houses, it's the quintessential little British town. As soon as we arrived, we found ourselves in the midst of a craft fair at the Guildhall, where I bought some raspberry preserves from a woman who's hat matched the lids of her jams. We wandered through some really amazing and beautiful medieval churches, including St. Mary's Church which had a spectacular cemetary and St. Peter's Church, where I bought a Kent Council copy of Great Expectations. We ate lunch at a pub called the Kings Arms, where I had one of the best omelette of my life and Christine had a sandwich. Typical. Before heading home we also stopped at an old fashioned candy shop, where I fed my English sugar addiction. I just keep telling myself it's okay because I'm trying something new in a new country. Sugar doesn't count if it's cultural...right?
The other chunk of our day consisted of a trip to the Roman Richborough Fort, where we both purchased English Heritage passes that have already paid for themselves. It was gorgeously windy and we had a very fun walk. That's next!

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  1. I didn't even know this place existed but it sounds really cool! I love that it says "No Name Street" as well.


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