Friday, November 29, 2013

Running clothes.

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I'm a drama student, right? And part of what I love is the part clothes play in telling stories. One of my favorite parts of the Doctor Who Experience was costumes they had on display, the clothes the actors have really worn. For example, one of my favorite little things was seeing the way Clara's belt pilled the fabric on her soufflé girl dress. Check it out, that dress is doing real work.
They had a video playing that showed an interview with one of the current costume designers, Howard Burden. He gave his thoughts on the creation of each doctor's distinctive look, particularly how to achieve the it factor that makes the doctor stand out just slightly from the average population. Like a question mark sweater vest, or Tom Baker's scarf, or David's trench coat and trainers. The Doctor doesn't look like an alien, but he doesn't look quite like a normal guy either. I love that.
Obviously, if these posts are reaching any other Doctor Who fans out there, I'm more than willing to talk about it. So tell me what your favorite companions' outfits are, or what you think we're learning about Matt Smith from this really deep painting. You know, just any thoughts you have to share.


  1. How exciting, I would love to visit this exhibition! I'm a huge fan.
    That black dress of River's looks just gorgeous, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on something like that to add to my own wardrobe. I love how the question marks were a running theme for a while as well.
    Can't wait to see what they put Peter Capaldi in for the next series too.

  2. Wow--You really did well this time, Love the Dr. and St. Paul's, but I can say it is Sandwich I want to see first---now. Loved the Thanksgiving pictures.

  3. Ha, brought back memories of helping my students knit Dr.Who scarves! Would have loved to have had that photo back we could have had a close-up view as a guide.
    Who would have thought I'd have a niece see if for real!!!!!!!!


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