Thursday, April 8, 2010

Road Trip.

Spring break is a wonderful thing.

My parents and I decided awhile back that we'd use it to go on a trip, and after 5 days, we're back home from our adventures.
I was so proud of my limited and versatile packing, until I realized I'd forgotten more than I'd put in my suitcase.

It was lovely seeing that spring is so much further along in Missouri than it is in Wisconsin. Sun, flowers, the lot of it.

This dress is currently one of my favorite thrift store finds. I love the floral embroidery on the collar. When I saw it hanging on the rack, it was one of those long, oversized denim dresses that seemed as if they never should have been designed. But with a belt and a shorter hem (just a tad too short. I intend to fix it), it grew on me.


I wish I could have worn more interesting footwear, but with all the hiking and camping, I basically lived in my Keds the entire trip. I promise you're not missing out on anything even though my feet are cut out of most of the pictures.


  1. This dress is so cute, and I just LOVE road trips!!!!

    I hope you had fun.


  2. sweet photos. looks like you enjoyed a lovely road trip!

  3. I need that dress! Wow, its so amazing! Ahh..I have been wanting to find one just like it. You are super your blog. x I love road trips too! :)

  4. omg what a cute little dress u´ve got there! and your hair looks amazing!!

  5. amazingly cute dress, good job hemming it, and I know exactly what kind of "long denim dress" you're referring to! Welcome to the blog world! Did you know your blog name is also a Little Edie quote?

  6. I love your dress, looks perfect for frolicking around during spring

    ps it is cool you're from WI, I'm from MN (when I'm not at college in DC)

  7. pretty girl you have beautiful hair!!

  8. What a darling dress! I absolutely love this! Pretty photos! :)

  9. ur dress so cute.
    like like like :D

    shatirah / tyra'station

  10. love your dress!!!
    where is it from?
    and thansk for visitng my blog! :)


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